H.S.T. LeanKMO wijst de weg voor de KMO


H.S.T. LeanKMO wijst de weg voor de KMO

  • Healthcare is no industry (or should not be).
  • Healthcare is not aiming on profit (or should not).
  • Healthcare is not a commercial supplier of products or services for customers.
  • Healthcare is human-oriented (and not economic oriented).
  • Human oriented activities are more complex than the simple economic world.

Lean is ontwikkeld en gegroeid in de industriële omgeving van de autoproductie. Daardoor zijn vele technieken en methodieken ook gericht op de maakindustrie. Maar de filosofie van Lean is universeel. Ook voor Healtcare.

Zo is FLOW een basisbegrip in Lean. We denken dan aan producten die doorheen een bedrijf stromen. Maar binnen Lean is het enigszins anders.

Flow is hier de energie, die door het systeem stroomt. "Flow" en "dat, wat het vervoert" (product of dienst) zijn twee verschillende dingen. Een rivier is een flow systeem en vervoert water. Onze aderen in ons lichaam vormen een flow systeem en vervoert bloed.

Het voorwerp van studie (en verbetering) bij Flow binnen Lean is niet het product /dienst maar wel de energie, om het product of dienst doorheen het systeem te loodsen.

Om deze energie zichtbaar te maken zal men in Lean bv. doorlooptijd, kwaliteit, wachttijd zichtbaar maken. Waarom is de éne flow beter dan de andere? Als er minder energie ingestoken wordt. Flow is alles over energie (en dus moeite) die men nodig heeft om de dienst of product te leveren.

Daarom is Lean zo universeel. De dienst of het product op zich wordt niet geraakt bij het flow-gebeuren.

PDCA and Hoshinplanning as Scenario Planning

In this covid-era a lot of data are produced: about number of hospitalized patients, number of IC-patients, daily death-rate, daily testing rate, comparisons between cities, districts, countries, continents ... These are all lagging metrics. When we look at these figures, we are looking in the rearview mirror. It gives a kind of control (and that is nice in these disturbing times). But it says nothing about the future and nothing about required actions. More, there is no forecast possible. No experience is available about what's happening now: not about the virus, not about the economy, not about human behaviour... There is no experience and so there is no proven model to forecast the future.
Fortunately, creativity-intuition and gut feeling is needed now. And that's where humans are good at. At least if they are able to work and talk together in real dialogue.

Lean can help. Not by predicting what will happen, but by challenging the creativity of all (with the help of PDCA and Hoshinplanning f.e.).

Working in insecurity

How to start working again in this covid-19 era? Our feeling for safety and security is more than under pressure. The virus is not visible but all over the place. What can we trust; who can we trust …? Although 100% control never was possible, it now becomes so clear that life is in many ways out of our hands… So there will be no guidelines, way-of-workings or even best practices that can guarantee us a safe way of living or working.
What to do?
  • find out what is already known as good (not best, because there is no ‘best’) practice and share this
  • try to find out the underlying theoretical thinking of the good practice and share this
  • think together and combine practical solutions and theoretical thinking
  • be open for constructive ideas and closed for ‘just critics’
  • be prepared to feel insecure, to not know everything.
And trust the strength of people. Challenge them when you need them and let them challenge you when they need you.

Lean can help! Not by focusing on guarantees and bureaucratic rules, but by helping each other to behave and act in adult and mature way of living.

Aiming at the ends, not the means

Definition of economy: a system of organizations and institutions that facilitate or play a role in the production and distribution of goods and services in a society. Economy is really not more than that. In this covid-era it is obvious that quality of life is far from equivalent with economy.The agricultural economy, of course, has to be in place in order to supply food to all. Healthcare economy, of course, has to be in place in order to take care of our health. And so on, for all other economies (some more, some less …) But it is always about people, humans, society. Economy is just one of the many things that have to be organized in order to help us in our search for a full life.

Lean can help! Not by focusing on economics, but by helping you to work with and for people on a long term basis and by providing real value for society.


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